Google Will Resolve Bugs With ‘Ambient Display’ In Pixel Phones

Several Pixel users are complaining on social media regarding the always-on display feature also called as the ambient display, which doesn’t seem to work perfectly for them. Google will be soon bringing fresh updates and improvements which will fix this issue for these users.

Speaking of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a phones, there seems to be a bug with the ambient display mode where the user is not able to just check the time and is shown the entire lock screen. The always-on display is becoming very easy to dismiss and this, in turn, lights up the entire screen without even intending to wake it up.

In simple terms, suppose a user takes the phone out of this pocket, the ambient display does not stay active for longer and it immediately switches to the lock screen. Maybe this is happening automatically because of an issue or it could be because of the smaller space on the screen for a double tap which gets activated even with the slightest of touch on the screen.

The usual method in Android smartphones is that you can double tap on the screen to wake up. But for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a users, the screen wakes up without any reason and the ambient display gets dismissed in seconds.

This bug is also causing battery drain issues for a few Pixel users who say that the screen wake up is unnecessarily draining the battery without even knowing about it. It is possible that Google has already figured out the solution and is working on the fix that will be rolled out to the Pixel users soon.

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