Google Pixel 4 Camera Will Support Wide-Color Capture

Google Pixel’s camera has always been the best in comparison with the iPhone’s camera. Whether you look at it from a user’s perspective or the camera hardware that is in-built, Pixel phones are surely outstanding. New sources say that the camera on Google Pixel 4 will come with the ability to click pictures with a wider range of colors which is lacking in the current Pixel smartphones.

Google Pixel smartphone will actually be very late to introduce this as Apple has already been using the P3 Wide Gamut Colour Capture on iPhones for the last three years. Currently, Pixel phones only support sRGB colors space and the jump to a wider range of colors will help users have more color clarity in their pictures which iPhone users enjoy every day.

The picture captured on any Android phone has their own limitation as you won’t be able to see a picture clicked with an iPhone on an Android phone in its full glory. This is because Android phones don’t have the support for the wide color capture which makes it more of a shortcoming when it comes to high definition images.

The support for P3 Color capture will be ideal for the upcoming Google Pixel 4 as it will not only help the company boost its product sales but also compete with Apple. As most of the smartphone companies are solely relying on their camera to bring more sales and get ahead of their competitors and seems like this has become a trend for new smartphones these days.

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