Google Maps Starts Showing Live Speed Info While Navigating

Google has been adding a lot of features on Maps lately and the latest one will definitely help drivers to check their current speeds. The company has included a speedometer based feature which will show the users what speeds are they driving in highways or regular roads.

We are not sure why Google would add this feature but it will provide the drivers with a fair idea of the speed while traveling from one place to another. This will be visible on the same screen of navigation and with just a quick glance, one will be able to check the speeds from time to time.

This feature is actually inspired from Waze, a GPS navigation software which was acquired by Google back in 2013. This service used to have an on-speed speedometer for users to check speeds while driving and the new speedometer on Maps now is pretty similar to this having the same purpose.

Among the recent list of features added on Maps, some of them include – popular menus from restaurants, public transit features, public events, Google Assistant based navigation, parking spot suggestions, integration of music streaming services. All in all, Maps is really becoming powerful and more robust.

According to Android Police, users in the countries of US, UK, regions of Europe, South America, Asia have already started seeing this feature on Maps. For people who cannot see this yet, the company claims that the roll out is slow from their servers and should be gradually available for its users in the coming days.

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