Google Docs Works Better On Safari Compared To Native App On iPadOS

Apple launched iPad OS for the first time at the WWDC event conducted on June 4th. However, it left many people wondering why the company would want the iPad to have its own OS in the first place. According to a report on The Verge, they got their hands on an iPad running the new iPadOS and found out that Google Docs runs perfectly on Safari in comparison its native App on iPad.

They mentioned that Google Docs has two main issues while running on the iPad. One is that the the Docs App on iPad is really bad and Google’s efforts to make it better have failed so far. Another issue is that if the user searched for Google Docs on Safari, it will redirect you to the native App and not the desktop version.

So basically, iPadOS have solved these issues and has made accessing Google Docs more easier than before making it a big advantage for iPad users who are regular users of this App.The Verge guys tried using Google Docs with very low expectations on iPadOS, but were surprised when they were only 5 minutes into it and said that “Keyboard shortcuts for formatting and header styling, comments, cursor placement, and even watching real-time edits from another person” worked perfectly without any issues.

After getting to know what the folks at The Verge think about the new iPadOS, we believe that iPad OS does have its own purpose in running tasks more efficiently without the user having to rely on a Mac or any other laptop for the same purpose.

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