Google Account Sign-In On iPhone And iPad Is Now Easier

At the WWDC event concluded recently, Apple also made an announcement about the security and passwords on iOS devices which is equally important to all the new devices and features that were launched. So, if you use an iPhone or iPad and want to quickly sign-in into your Google account without a password, it is now possible and much faster than you can imagine.

The reason for introducing this feature for Google account users is that Apple wants to get rid of passwords because at the end of the no matter how complex the password is, it is still hackable and doesn’t actually assure that your account is safe. The new feature is called ‘Sign In With Apple‘ which makes it easy for users to log-in into any account without requiring a password. So, a Google account is just a part of this and it runs in parallel with Android two-factor authentication system.

For implementing this easy sign-in feature on iOS, here are the steps you need to follow:

– Turn on the two-factor authentication on your Google account and add you Android phone as a security key.

– Turn on the bluetooth on both iOS and Android devices.

– Google’s Smart Lock App should be installed on your iOS device and your Android phone should run Android 7.0 or later.

Once done, you can sign-in into your Google account on iOS device. While doing this, you won’t have to type in any password and you will be asked to do the verification on your Android device to complete the log-in.

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