Apple’s 16-Inch MacBook Pro Is Coming This Year

When it comes to size, Apple is never shy to go bigger even if the fans are not really looking forward to it. According to the sources, the company will be launching a 16-inch MacBook Pro by September this year. This could be Apple’s first-ever laptop of this size and it seems that the older rumors are somehow turning out to be true.

There were speculations earlier that the new line of MacBook Pros will not be out until 2020. But, new sources say that these MacBooks will start shipping by the end of this year and could be launched at Apple’s annual event in September. The 16-inch MacBook is expected to come with a completely new design and the display will better in every sense.

After the recall of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple set itself to get back in the game by providing its most advanced MacBook ever. With the resolution of 3072 x 1920, Apple is trying to set itself apart from the competition although the displays being used is that of an LCD rather than an OLED display.

With the recent shift towards an OLED display on iPhone and iPad, the rumors had it that the new MacBook would continue that trend however many fans would be disappointed with that decision.

Apple already has one of the most powerful MacBook’s with its introduction of MacBook Pro with 8-cores, one would wonder where the company would go next. The reports showcase Apple is working on an even more powerful CPU system that could lead them ahead of the competition by a country mile.

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