Apple Unveils The New Mac Pro And Pro Display XDR

Apple had been promising for a newer version of the Mac Pro model since years and the users of the older Mac Pro models have been waiting for an upgrade ever since. The company finally unveiled the new Mac Pro model along with an additional display called the Pro Display XDR at the WWDC event yesterday.

The new Mac Pro comes with a pricey tag of $5,999 and will be available for purchase from the Fall of 2019. The company claims it to be the most powerful Mac Pro ever with the best features and hardware specifications for video editors and musicians. So for editing videos with large number of files and which consume more RAM and space, the new Mac Pro can process upto 6 billion pixels per second to achieve faster video editing with the new ‘Afterburner’ card which is in-built.

The design of the Mac Pro is very old-school and comes with a unique cheese-grater look on the sides. Here are some of the specifications for this device:

– 1.5 TB of system memory

– Users can make of use of wheels if they want to the move the Mac Pro around conveniently

– Not very noisy. Apple claims to be ‘as quiet as iMac Pro.’

– 8-core Xeon with 32GB of memory and a 256GB SSD

Apple also launched a display for the MacPro called the ‘Pro Display XDR‘ for $4,999 that supports 6K video editing. It comes with a 32-inch display and an anti-reflective glass having nano-texture that will help in reducing the glare from the screen. There is also a stand for the display that will cost users another $999.

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