5 Reasons Why Google Pixel 3A Is Worth Your Attention

Google has finally unveiled the cheaper version of the Pixel brand – the Pixel 3A in May and it has definitely got the fans talking about the specifications and the design. This actually does not come as a surprise because it was already speculated that the company is working on Pixel 3A and wanted to make the device more affordable for the masses. Here are five reasons which makes this phone outstanding and far better than competitors in the same price range:

High quality camera

Pixel 3A has the same high definition camera that is available on Pixel 3 an Pixel 3 XL. But you would question the picture quality. It’s not very different compared to the high end models as it houses the same powerful camera hardware and features like Night Sight, portrait and time lapse. And you get this for half the price. That’s surely amazing.

Good battery life

The Pixel 3A has a 3000mAh battery (Pixel 3 had 2915mAh) and Pixel 3A XL has 3700mAh battery. So, it is very evident that the jump in battery capacity will give the users more juice through the day instead of having to charge it frequently. Also, the best part about is that you will never notice the difference in battery capacity when you hold the Pixel 3A in your hand.

Supports headphone jack

A headphone jack may not exactly grab your attention towards the Pixel 3A but it may be true for users who will prefer a 3.5 mm jack over a USB-C port. Google had removed this jack in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices which didn’t go well with many fans. So Pixel 3A is your best buy if you just can’t miss the old classic headphone jack.

Stock Android experience

Who doesn’t like stock Android experience? The Pixel 3A is one of those phones which will has a very clean and simple UI and doesn’t come with custom builds that you see among the competitors. Also, if there is any new update, you will receive it first owing to the stock Android which is very cool.

Seasonal discounts

Well, what could be a better reason to purchase the Pixel 3A when you get to have an instant discount? You can get it now also from the Google Store where they are selling this device for $100 off which is just fantastic. Similarly, if you plan to purchase it maybe a year from now, you will get to have discounts during Christmas or Black Friday sales.

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