Shazam Can Now Recognize Music Playing On Your Headphones

Shazam, the most popular music recognition App owned by Apple, has made it even easier now to identify the music you listen to with a new feature. For Android users who listen to music on their headphones at all times, the Shazam App can directly identify the song playing on them without the user having to disconnect the headphone from the phone.

This new feature is actually a pop-up that you will see on a your screen while you are listening to a song on your headphone. So if you wish to use it, you can tap on it to quickly recognize the song or you can choose to turn off the feature under the App’s settings. According to The Verge, the App has been reported to work smoothly with Spotify and YouTube without any issues. Also, you can identify music externally with this new feature if you don’t happen to use the headphone on a regular basis.

Google had also introduced a similar song identification feature called ‘Now Playing’ for Pixel 3 last year which can recognize any song playing in the background easily.

The pop-up feature is currently available only for Android users. So, if you are an iOS user who desperately needs this feature, you will have to wait as there is no official confirmation on when it will roll out. It may also never come for iPhone and iPad users concerning the safety of the users and Apple’s stricter rules that restrict recording audio in the background.

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