YouTube Is Offering Student Discounts For Its Services In India

YouTube has announced discounts for students in India who wish to use YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. This move is being implemented to compete against Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music which are doing equally good in the Indian market where millions of users are streaming music/videos and trying different services on a daily basis.

Speaking of students, its a good strategy by the company to lower the cost and give them the services at affordable rates. YouTube will charge students only Rs. 59 per month for YouTube Music Premium and Rs. 79 per month for YouTube Premium. This is really great considering student who are on their vacations need something to spend their time where the YouTube subscription can be very handy to stream exclusive music and videos without having to waste a lot of money.

Considering the lower cost plans, students can purchase it with their pocket money and enjoy their free time listening to music on YouTube Music Premium or watch loads of video content on YouTube Premium. Everything will be the same compared to the usual subscriptions offered by YouTube, just that the students will be able to make use of this summer discount to full extent.

YouTube said that these plans are available only for full-time students from proper universities and colleges in India. They can avail the membership for up to four years and will be required to re-verify the membership each year during the duration of their course. Students just need to get their ID verified with YouTube before they can start using the service.

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