YouTube Music Hits 15 Million Downloads In India

YouTube Music is not new in the market but it was only recently launched in India. A new announcement by Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about YouTube Music getting over a 15 million installs in the country. He further said that India is the fastest growing market for the company and they will keep improving the services for the users with the addition of more content.

YouTube followed in the footsteps of Spotify and introduced the separate music service in the country, which immediately got the attention of the music listeners who had been waiting for it since a long time. Users who wish to get the YouTube Music Premium subscription can listen to ad-free music just for Rs.99 per month. In this package, the Indian users can listen to a broad catalogue of music from different categories and genres including regional and Bollywood music.

In a nutshell, the paid subscription will help users access thousands of customized playlists, songs, albums, radio, remixes, cover videos and live performances. The free version is not bad either but it does have it’s own restrictions like Ads and does not include offline downloads. Casual listeners in India will prefer the free version but for audiophiles, the Premium service is the best in terms of audio quality and added features.

Google CEO further said that YouTube Music is now available in over 43 countries compared to just five in 2018. The growth has been just incredible and it really shows the fascination of users for online music streaming wherever they are in the world.

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