You Can Now Buy Pixel Phones On Amazon

It seems like Google is building better partnerships with Amazon and you can now see Pixel phone line up being sold on this popular E-commerce platform. Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL can be purchased now on for $399 and $479. Also, these phones are not being sold by any third-party sellers but by the company itself which nobody would have ever expected.

This could be an indication of more Google products coming to Amazon in the coming months thus ending the rivalry between these two companies which we have been seeing for so long. Amazon is selling these Pixel phone under the unlocked section which also shows they do want to offer the best services without having the customer face any issues with the telecom networks after purchasing the handset.

In the month of April this year, Amazon and Google had collaborated to bring their services on each other’s media platforms. YouTube and YouTube Kids were made available on Amazon Fire TV devices and it was announced that Android TV will see the addition of Prime Video with Chromecast controls very soon. This made it really easy for the users of these platforms to enjoy their video streaming subscriptions without any hassles or confusion.

But coming back to Pixel phones, they are only available on Amazon in the US. There is no word on when Amazon will bring Pixel phones to more countries around the world including India where there are potentially hundreds of customers willing to purchase these incredible Pixel phones.

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