TikTok Makers Are Coming Up With A Free Music Streaming App

ByteDance, the Chinese company behind the popular App TikTok is planning to build a music streaming App which will support free and paid subscription models. The venture into the music space will be highly challenging considering the established players like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora among others. Still, the users of TikTok will surely be waiting for the launch and get their hands on this music service.

The company is in talks with various music labels to go ahead with the plans for launching it withing the next 4 months. This music service will be targeted towards the emerging markets where users will be willing to try a new App and check it out before trying other music streaming Apps. Also, the free service of this new music App will benefit users who cannot afford to pay for the premium services.

The company is also looking towards the listeners in India, where the recently launched Spotify and YouTube Music are making their mark. So competing with them will not be a challenge but also difficult to come with a strategy to get more users to download and use the App. Sources claim that they have already got the music rights from T-Series and Times Music and the service will include a huge collection of songs and videos catering to the Indian audience.

With all the backlash TikTok had been facing in India, the company will likely get back their foothold with this music service while relying on the users of TikTok App for their support.

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