The Colossal Flaw Of The Traditional Onboarding System And The Ideal Solution

Scouting the best individuals for your company every year is one of the most vital aspects of any business organization. After all, you are investing in someone who can make or contribute significantly to the productivity of your company. However, the implementation of the wrong onboarding technique can produce the precise contradictory result. Unless your business organization has no problem paying the employees to sit around and scroll through their Facebook profile, you should treat the Onboarding process with the utmost priority.

Sadly, the traditional Onboarding method and technique has run its course! It may have been effective 10 years back, but it is no longer a viable solution in the present market context. In fact, several studies have shown that the percentage of people voluntarily quitting their job has increased significantly over a few years. This is especially true for the new recruits, as studies show that nearly 20% of the employees quit their job within the first 12 months.

All that, are attributed primarily due to the implementation of the ineffective onboarding system. There are several challenges of the traditional Onboarding system which contributes significantly to producing poor workplace productivity in the later stages.

Firstly, the higher officials or the supervisor-in-charge of the onboarding process needs to be “qualified” in order to execute the initial training process efficiently. However, this has not been the case for the majority of the business organization. As per studies, the onboarding officers/ managers need to have at least 6 months of experience along with intensive training in order to carry out the initial hiring process. Most of the managers supervising the onboarding procedure are poorly trained, and that becomes clearly indicative from the mediocre performance of the new recruits.

Secondly, the entire process of conducting a successful Onboarding process is a complex and mind-numbing procedure. Even if the officials are experienced and qualified, the amount of resources they would have to invest on it becomes too much at some point. All the paperwork required would simply become excessive and managing all that would be a completely different story. This is one of the primary reasons why people in business companies avoid getting involved in any kind of onboarding-related aspect in the workplace. Now, you cannot simply avoid all the important aspects of the hiring procedure just to avoid all those complicated and sophisticated paperwork requirements. That would be downright illogical and absurd as well.

So, what is the ideal solution?

Thanks to the advancements in management technology, the ideal solution to such a complicated and brain-wrecking procedure exist in the form of the Onboarding software. This software provides the simplest and hassle-free solution in training and preparing the new recruits to harness the maximum performance output from every individual.

The software takes care of all minute process starting from the initial training schedule to the ultimate recruiting process with optimal efficiency. The software replaces all the manual hard-labour requirement from the employees with an automated system to execute every step in the onboarding process with ease. Of course, the need to employ an experienced and a trained supervisor will always be vital, but the implementation of the software makes it a much easier process for them to conduct the entire onboarding process. The software provides all the vital tools required in order to execute the hiring procedure in a single platform where the managers can record, maintain and manage all the onboarding-related tasks with minimal ease.

This also means that the entire onboarding process becomes a much easier procedure and time-efficient as well. With the elimination of having to maintain multiple paperwork for every individual, the process becomes a much more time-friendly procedure.

The benefits of implementing the onboarding management software have been evident from the positive results that it has produced in the last few years. The vast majority of the top-tier business organizations completely depend on the software for assisting them in recruiting the best individuals for their company.

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