Spotify Is Testing Its New Car Hardware To Play Music And Podcasts

Spotify is surely one of the top preferred Apps after iTunes when it comes to music streaming across different genres. The company has started testing its first ever hardware for cars called “Car Thing” with a bunch of Spotify Premium members to learn more about the listener’s activity and user experience in different environments.

The test is currently being done in the United States as of now and the company is teaming up with the Spotify Premium members in the country who will get this device. At the same time, Spotify has also clearly mentioned in their blog post that they do not plan to release this hardware to the public anytime soon.

Spotify also said that they aim to become the number one audio platform in the world and they want to learn how people listen to music and podcasts. Making audio hardware is not their motive and they will keep continuing to build a better experience for its users.

Car Thing is basically a voice-controlled device to play music and podcasts and it just needs to be plugged-in to the power socket in the car. This way the user will be able to use it in their car and they can connect it to their phone via bluetooth as well. This device has a circular display on one side which shows the info about the current song with a set of buttons on the other side which can be used to control your playlists and a few other Spotify features.

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