Spotify Now Shows Video Ads And Asks For Your Response

Spotify is trying a newer way to promote brands and podcasts with voice-enabled ads inside the App. This is actually a first for any kind of in-app ads where the users will be able to respond to these ads with a Yes or No at the end of it. So, the user can continue listening to the ad if they wish to after Spotify takes the user reply into consideration.

The content of these ads will be related to Spotify playlists and podcasts that you can listen to immediately with your voice command. More specifically, these playlists will be advertised under big brands such as AXE which means that Spotify will also be bringing in good revenue from these ad sources in the long run.

This new feature is currently only visible to the users in the U.S. and it is presumably under the testing stage. So, it will take time for these voice-controlled ads to show up in the countries outside of the US. Apart from this, these ads will only work if you are a free listener of Spotify and have the voice control of the App enabled.

Spotify further claims that the microphone remains ON only during the duration of the voice Ad and it turns off if it doesn’t receive any response from the user. This is to ensure that the users are safe and secure while interacting with these ads without having to worry about the audio being recorded in the background.

The technology for these voice ads is being developed by Spotify itself and they are testing it out on both iOS and Android platforms.

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