Samsung Galaxy S10+ Users Are Not Able To End Video Calls On Snapchat

Snapchat never seems to have an end to its issues. After the company redesigned and improved the overall user experience of their App for Android phones, a new issue is troubling the owners of Samsung Galaxy S10+. These users are not able to end video calls on Snapchat because the camera notch on S10+ is place on the top right corner which is exactly where you need to press the end call button.

It’s a really weird and funny problem where the user just doesn’t have a way out of it. A video posted on Twitter by a user named Cliff Levine highlights the same where he tries to end the call by pressing around the notch, where you can slightly see the outline of the end call button. After trying to tap a few times, he finally ends the call and the App window returns back to normal.

The video by Cliff was actually in response to Artem Russakovskii’s tweet who asked for a quick video or picture with the phone showing the issue. Cliff later responded by saying that he is not happy with the App development on some of the major platforms on Android and he rather prefers using the same App on an iOS device since it is amazing. He also called this Snapchat issue a “glitch” for the punch hole camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Samsung, being such a huge Android smartphone manufacturer, should not have included the camera notch on the front for Samsung Galaxy S10+ phones. But at the same time, the blame could be true for Snapchat as well as they should be more cautious and bring improved user interface for S10+.

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