New Ad From OnePlus Speaks About IP Ratings For Smartphones

A water-resistant rated smartphone means that you should not have any problems using it unless you don’t have a warranty in case of some issue. A new Ad by OnePlus shows that the IP rating for OnePlus phones cost a lot of money for the consumers. So the company is hinting that it will give away with the need of this rating and help users buy OnePlus phones in the future at lower costs.

The company is on the verge of launching their OnePlus 7 device and it would be interesting to see if they launch this device without the IP rating. If you look at this new advertisement, you can see the OnePlus device dropping into a bucket full of water. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei clearly says in a note on the OnePlus forum that he doesn’t want the users to drop their phones into the bucket. But wants them to understand that they can rely on the water-resistant quality of the phone without having to check for IP rating.

Carl also mentioned that the company has gone through many tests and design changes for this new idea to take shape. And they have also been actively listening to the feedback of users regarding water-resistance. Basically, OnePlus wants to tell people that they don’t have to always look for industry standards while purchasing a phone. If the phone is powerful enough to resist water without the IP rating, the phone is on par with all the competing smartphones that come with the IP certification.

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