iOS 13 Will Have Its Own Swipe Keyboard

Android users are very much familiar with the swipe keyboard that is natively available on their smartphones. But if you are an iOS user and still waiting for this feature, there could be some good news heading your way soon. Apple is expected to be unveiling iOS 13 at WWDC event in June and according to a report on Bloomberg, native swipe keyboard App will be finally releasing on this upcoming version of iOS.

Currently, there is no official keyboard App from the company on the App Store that supports swipe-to-text function. Thus, the users of iPhones and iPads have to remain content with the traditional keyboard that’s native to iOS. However, many people have tried using third party Apps for the swipe gesture by tweaking the settings of their iOS device. This does work but you should only try making use of this method if you really cannot adjust with the standard keyboard.

Speaking of Android phones, swiping words on a keyboard is very easy and it takes very less time to frame sentences while you use chatting Apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. The ease of use is what makes it the most favourite feature on Android and it is not very surprising that Apple has finally toke note of it and will be introducing it in iOS 13. Apart from this, iOS 13 will also come with new set of tools for App developers and also have a few more of its home grown Apps that will cater to a large group of people.

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