Google’s New AI Tech Will Translate Speech To Speech

Google is working on an experimental project named “Translatotron” where the speech input by the user in one language can be translated to the same user’s speech in another language. It surely sounds very fascinating and maybe even a bit scary, but it could potentially save the hassle of converting to text first and then speech for millions of users around the world.

Digital translation for words and sentences has come a long way and Google Translate has surely been helping people get their thoughts across different countries without needing to actually learn a different language. It is handy and can be used anytime when you don’t understand the language or want to communicate with a person who belongs to another country where the language that you speak may not be spoken a lot.

This new venture by Google into AI based speech-to-speech translation seems really unreal and sources claim that the company has been working very hard for this since many years. It is just now that Google has been able to get some decent results and there could be a possibility that they will take this initiative more seriously going forward.

In the blog posted by Google about this research, they spoke in detail about the technical aspects of how this system will work and even listed the translated speech along with the original audio voice. Also, the system may not be very accurate right now but it will learn from Google’s very own machine learning systems and incorporate better ways to impart these speech based translations.

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