Google’s Music Apps Cross 15 Million Subscribers

Google’s music Apps Youtube Music and Google Play Music may not as popular as Apple Music or Spotify, but it has managed to hit 15 million subscribers combined for both music streaming services. As per statistics, the paid subscribers on YouTube Music grew by over 60 percent since March 2018. This is a big leap for Google considering the competition in the music streaming industry.

Apart from paid subscription, Google says that this milestone also includes the free subscribers and those who opted for free trials and promotions offered in YouTube Music. But if Google wants to catch up with Apple Music (50 million subscribers) and Spotify (100 million subscribers), it needs to do things a bit differently and get more users opting for the trial service on YouTube Music and then carry forward to the paid subscription.

Much of Google’s music services have been ad-supported. So it’s a great sign that Google’s music Apps are finally showing some progress with more and more users opting for paid subscription. Compared to the traditional YouTube and free YouTube Music platform, the benefits of having YouTube Premium Music are offline playback, ad-free video and audio, improved sound quality, background play, YouTube Originals and audio mode without having to watch the video.

Also, Google is offering the Premium pack at cheaper rates in India, where a monthly subscription costs just around Rs. 99 and Rs.129 per month. So, this expansion into newer markets is also a big factor that Google has been able to get more subscriptions since last year.

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