Google Play Store Starts Accepting Payments For Apps In Cash

Online payments could be the best form of payments out there on Google Play Store. But for people in developing countries who don’t have access to credit cards, it could be an issue if they want to enjoy the paid services on the Play Store without any barriers. So, Google has announced that it has added a new payment option called “Pending Transactions” which will help these people to pay for Apps with cash at local convenience stores.

This new payment option is currently available only to the users in the countries of Mexico and Japan. As Google is testing out these cash based payments, it will also be including a similar method of payment for in-app purchases which will make its way to more developing nations in the world.

As explained by Google Play Store Director of Engineering Aurash Mahbod at Google I/O Developer conference, this payment system works in such a way that the user can opt to go for cash payment instead of credit car payments. Upon selecting this, they will receive a unique payment code from Play Store which they can take it with them to a nearby store and complete the cash payment.

Google also said that this new form of payment will bring in more users on the Paid Apps, as compared to the current scenario where they usually opt for free-to-play games or ad-supported applications. There is only one drawback to this cash payment system – the users won’t get a refund if they changed their mind and they will only get back the money in the form of Play Store credits.

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