Google Maps Now Allows Users To Check Popular Menus

Google Maps is slowly evolving into a very handy app for users who don’t want to switch between Apps while navigating. Gone are the days when all you could do is navigate and search for routes to your destination on Maps. The company has now introduced a new feature where it shows all the popular dishes from restaurants directly on Maps.

Maps has surely added many features on the App lately such as dark mode, Google Assistant support and a few others to improve the user experience and make the app more user friendly. Speaking about food and restaurants, Maps also allows you to order food directly from the App without having to open separate food Apps. This feature was added earlier this year and it single handedly made the App very reliable for regular users.

Users who use Maps to search for restaurants and food outlets in nearby areas, will be shown the top menus and dishes that they can choose to order. The company says that it is making use of machine learning to sort out the popular dishes based on reviews done by real people. So everything that you see on this tab would be properly sorted out by the algorithm and give you an idea on which food to try on the basis of popularity.

This new feature is being rolled out in all the countries around the world and the best part is that you can even make use of translation if you happen to search for popular dishes in some another country.

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