Google Launches Nest Hub Max For $229

Apart from releasing Pixel 3a, Google came up with a list of announcements that included a faster Google Assistant, improvements to Google Duplex and the launch of new Google Home devices. The Google Home smart display devices are now renamed to Google Nest, with the launch of the new Google Nest Hub Max device that will be available for $229.

The Google Nest Hub device, which was formerly known as Google Home device, now only costs $129 and is cheaper. While the Nest Hub Max is higher in price, it comes with a 10-inch display with an in-built camera which comes with added security features. The renaming from Home to Nest could have occured because Google is targeting the home appliances segment with these Nest devices and wants users to stay connected with their family and friends from their homes at all times.

An interesting new feature that has been added in the Google Nest Hub Max is “Face Match”. This is essentially controlled by AI where it maps the details of each user who uses the device and shows them relevant personalized information.

The Nest Hub doesn’t come with the camera but it still is better and improved than the earlier Google Home version. Speaking of camera, the Nest Hub Max is capable of making video calls via Google Duo and you can also make use of gestures to control the music or video playback. At the same time, you can also make use of Google Assistant to help you search for any information or instantly set reminders.

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