Google Keep Gets Dark Mode

Prior to the release of system wide dark mode on Android Q, Google is testing out the dark mode theme on various of its Apps. The latest one is the Google Keep App which has received this dark mode after the company had implemented this theme in their Messages, News and Calculator Apps.

Android Police came with the report for this first where they said that the white theme on this notes app has been replaced by the dark mode and this new theme is a part of the main page as well as the other sections of the App. Google Keep is basically a note taking App where you can insert anything that you would like to note based on the date and time. You can always get back to it later so that you have all your important stuff in one place.

The dark mode is not perfectly black but it leans more towards the dark grey color. One can also see the lighter shades of grey for “Search your notes” and “Take a note” tabs. If you head over to the settings you can see the dark mode in the background and all the toggle-buttons for each setting in blue.

The use of dark themes in Apps has its own benefits and it will be up to the users to decide whether they want to use it. If you use Google Keep regularly and still haven’t got the update, you will have to wait as Google is rolling out this new feature gradually and it will be available for all users very soon.

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