Google Is Building Rewards Platform On Google Pay For App Developers

Good news for App developers as Google will be launching a new platform on Google Pay where they can use this new tool to increase the user engagement on Apps. This new initiative is named as “Project Cruiser” and according to the company, it has been under development since a year and is a part of Google’s Next Billion Users team.

Google Pay has expanded to countries like India, where millions of users use this service for payments every single day. But the best part about this payment service is that it is being used by businesses to transact with their users and this new project will definitely help the App developers to offer in-App rewards to their users.

But the fact Google had to introduce this new feature in this country, it took them a lot of work to pursue different businesses and get them on this project. Apart from this, payment services in India have been taking a foothold in recent times like Paytm, FreeCharge, Mi Pay and Google Pay is the latest entry to attract customers looking for a seamless experience for everyday transactions.

App developers get frustrated when their users just use the App for a few days and then uninstall it. This is the reason why Google wants to step in and help them have a better prospect with their users and reward them for being loyal. Google Pay is surely great for payments and has it also offer UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for Indian users.

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