Google Has Changed The App Ratings System On Play Store

Google surely made some important announcements at the developer conference Google I/O 2019 held recently. Apart from the launch of Pixel 3a phones, new Nest Hub devices and the next generation Google Assistant, the company has entirely revised how the App ratings on Google Play Store work.

Google says that now the overall App ratings have been been made more specific towards the recent release of the App. This means that for any App, the ratings won’t be shown for outdated releases which are over a year old. But, you will see the ratings based on the reviews from the most recent release or update of the App. Apple also offers a feature for App Store developers where they can reset the overall App ratings with newer release. But the same can’t be done by the developers on the Play Store, instead they will have the advantage of getting their App rated only based on the latest reviews.

If any random user on Play Store wants to download a certain App, the first thing they notice is the average rating of the App. So this new change from Google will play a very major role in showing this user the average rating only on the basis of the recent user ratings and not something that is calculated based on the App’s lifetime user ratings.

So in case your are an App developer on the Play Store, good news is that the overall ratings for your App will take into consideration all the bug fixes and improvements you have made recently. This will help your App get better ratings and maybe even stand out a bit from your competitors if you are really working hard to improve your App on a weekly or monthly basis.

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