6 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Students

Instagram is extremely popular among youth. Probably, this information is not new because you already have your own Instagram account. Here we suggest some ideas of how one can use the Instagram account for multiple purposes. Instagram is a multifunctional social media. Young people can use it for team building, developing creativity, improving language skills, learning photography, following popular accounts and educational purposes. We will discuss these functions in details and give you some insights into making an Instagram account more useful. After reading this article, you will learn your account can be used for increasing the number of followers, promotion in other social media, and deriving creative ideas from other accounts. We also hope that we will help you become more creative and get better grades using multiple learning approaches presented here.

1. Team Building

Instagram can be used to build your online community. One may need this for multiple purposes: creating students’ clubs, promoting hand-made products to earn some money for living or even completing group assignments altogether. Each student has different purposes when trying to create a community in social media. We offer several tips of leveraging your Instagram account:

Profile optimization – Your profile should be simple, clear and accessible. Your followers can find you without efforts and understand your message. It takes several seconds for users to decide whether to follow you or no. Therefore, make sure that you included all the necessary information, and this information is easily accessible for them. This will give your followers a brief outline of you personally and your goals.

Be personal with your followersPersonal involvement is very important for the engagement of your followers. Show them that you have similar interests and think what kind of content can attract their attention. For example, if you plan to launch an online club for students, make a list of the nearest events to attract the target audience. Encourage your followers to express their opinions online and suggest changes. This will help them become a part of your event.

Promote on other social media platforms – This is a very good idea of linking your Instagram profile to profiles in other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This will help go beyond the framework of the existing community and attract students studying in other colleges.

Organise promotions and reward your users – Promos and giveaways are the most popular ways of engaging followers. Also, it’s important to place high quality content. So, it’s worth to try this essay writer service to improve content quality if you ask “do my assignment, please”. You need to pay enough attention to the content quality because the success of any online campaign largely depends on content quality – people need to hear what they expect to hear from you. Show up your personality and share your personal story because people love stories, and they become more responsive when they read a touching narrative. Also, offer your followers discounts, coupons or some other free stuff. Everybody likes coupons and free staff – this will help engage more followers and create online buzz.

Use analytic tools to track your statistics – Analysis of your statistics can help improve your Instagram account. There are a lot of online analytical tools like Google Analytics or IconoSquare that can be used to break down your numbers. On Facebook, there are built-in analytical tools with the help of which you can create online marketing campaigns and track their success.

2. Develop Creativity

Social media accounts give you an opportunity to be creative. You can do experiments when trying to promote your account and then make it your profession! So, how to develop creativity with the help of Instagram? Your creativity largely depends on your personality. You can be inspired by your own photos or the photos made by other people, new travel destinations or floral design, exotic food or crafts.

We collected several tips on developing creativity with the help of Instagram that may make the process of studying less boring:

Share how-to-do tips – All students are different, and they like different things. By sharing some tips related to what you really like you can develop your own creativity and creativity of your followers.

Share travel tips – If you recently came back from a trip it’s it would be nice to share travel tips like how to get cheap flight tickets or rent a cheap car with your followers. Your followers will appreciate your creativity and respond accordingly.

Post videos – Videos are becoming more and more popular among Instagram followers. You can use this resource not only to develop creativity but for engagement of a larger number of users. Show your followers how you do your morning fitness exercises or how you’re cooking a healthy breakfast. You will develop your creativity with each upcoming video and let your followers develop healthy habits.

Make something with hands – Crafts are very popular especially during holidays. You can share the master-classes of creating greeting cards, knitting, doodling or painting patterns. It does not matter what you want to share because you can find your followers anyway.

Find interesting quotes and memes – Many students like collecting quotes from famous people and then citing them. Funny memes can raise the mood of your followers. This can also help engage more followers and promote your account.

Conduct polls – This is not only a good way of developing creativity, but a great idea of starting a discussion with fans. This will help find like-minded persons and even virtual friends. You may like tea or coffee, be a fan of a certain brand or restaurant – it doesn’t matter what you actually like. The most important is that you can find other people who like the same things and discuss your findings of this tea, brand or restaurant.

These are only a few ideas of helping develop your creativity. You can invent your own ways to be more creative and increase the number of your followers.

3. Improve Language Skills

On the contrary to other functions, Instagram can be used for education purposes. There are multiple ways of learning languages with the help of Instagram. Here we present several ways of learning languages:

Follow accounts that teach languages – Social media is a space where people from all parts of the world can interact. Try to find accounts focusing on learning English or other languages using hashtag #englishteacher or #frenchteacher. In this way, you can find teachers you’re comfortable with. Many teachers offer free introductory courses, videos and other helping materials. You can also share comments and messages with them. These courses are quite effective in spite they are free. So, try them out and increase your level of English or start learning French or German.

BBC Learning English – It’s natural that there are a lot of accounts offering to learn English as this language is the most popular in the world. The learning method is easy: you need to post the correct answer in the comments section under images. This is a good way to practice reading, expanding vocabulary and improve grammar. The right answer appears in a separate link so one can check whether it was correct or no.

Educational content – Learning languages can be fun. Such famous media as NASA and National Geographic offer learning which is outside of merely learning grammar and vocabulary. You can learn English by watching interesting programmes and videos.

Follow English-speaking celebrities – Watching video-interviews of famous people is one of the best approaches to learning English or any other language. You can learn a living language in this way on the contrary to learning with the help of boring textbooks.

Caption challenges – This is one of the most popular learning activities on Instagram. A user posts an image and people write humorous comments regarding this image. You can find this community using hashtag #captionthis and place your comment in the comments section. This helps improve your knowledge of English because in this case, you need to form sentences without any textual hints.

You can find more language learning courses on Instagram and choose the one which is the most comfortable for you.

4. Learn Photography Through iPhoneography

Photography is something users of Instagram prefer to other online activities. Many users reached success and attracted many followers by placing beautiful images or videos on their accounts. Why not learn photography using your iPhone then? You can find inspiration for your future photography masterpieces in the following ways:

Hashtags – Hashtags can be used to find inspiration if you already have an idea of what to shoot. You can fine-tune your photos using hashtags. For example, today you want to make a beautiful picture of the sky with white clouds on it. You can type hashtag #clouds or #sky in the search bar to find pictures for your own inspiration.

Location search – You can find inspiration anywhere. The easiest way to do it is to take photos of your location. What you need is to browse your location on Instagram, and you will have at least three versions of what you can shoot in your city in a few seconds. Any location can be beautiful at any time of the year. Just find the right angle!

Explore posts – You can find inspiration for your awesome photos by exploring posts. You can find images you “liked”, posted by people that you follow or pop up from popular searches of other users. You just need to find the magnifying glass, then click on it to start your search until you find something catching your attention.

Use HDR function – It’s not a secret that you can use your iPhone camera instead of a professional device. To eliminate the exposure problem, use HDR function and get perfectly exposed photos!

Editing photos – If you made a good photo, but found some small inconsistencies after, you can use “Edit” function to increase the quality. Just open the photo and edit it by tapping “Edit”.

iPhone can be used as a professional camera. You can explore its functions on the photos you already have on your iPhone and then post edited photos on Instagram.

T5. he Best Accounts to Follow

It’s difficult to identify the best accounts to follow in Instagram because the preferences of people are different. Anyway, we will try to advise you several universal accounts that would be interesting to follow for anyone. As a rule, the best accounts are identified by the number of followers. From this perspective, we present the most popular accounts for your attention:

Selena Gomez – With her 143 followers in Instagram she is really worth attention thanks to her awesome personality.

KKW Beauty – The account help by sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. If you trace modern trend in cosmetics, you definitely should follow them in Instagram!

Gary Vaynerchuk – If the previous two accounts would be interesting for girls more, this one presents interest for boys because a famous businessman runs it. Gary is the CEO of two brands and successful investor. So, maybe you can learn something from him by following his account in Instagram.

Humans of NY – The account itself presents an interesting concept: account holders take photos of common people that were made on the streets of New York and add their stories in the photo captions. This helps humanize people on the photos and attract attention to their personal stories.

National Geographic Travel – Many people love travelling, so, probably, you’re not an exception. If this is true, this account is made for you because you even can travel sitting on your comfortable sofa at home!

Beardbrand – A popular account among men which is on the peak of beard drag. Here you can find popular themes, trends and patterns in beard care. Men will appreciate this for sure!

Ana Marques – This account is for those who tend to burn out at work. Her photos will help you return to a tranquil state of mind and reduce stress.

6. Extend Your Learning through Educational Hashtags

It’s not true that Instagram can be used only for entertainment. We’ve already discussed above how this social media can be used for learning languages. However, it can be used for other educational purposes as well. Here are several suggestions regarding the use of Instagram for education purposes:

Contributes to the development of spatial intelligence – Spatial intelligence is a way human brain perceives and interprets visual information. Instagram offers multiple opportunities to develop spatial intelligence because people judge about the size and distance of the objects when watching images and video.

Helps develop linguistic intelligence – You can easily develop your language skills by using Instagram. One way of using this social media for educational purposes is sharing pictures and then asking for specific feedback from students. This encourages them to develop their language skills.

Aids develop logic and mathematical skills – With the help of your Instagram account you can detect patterns, evaluate problems and learn to think logically. For example, teachers can share pictures with their students and ask them to improve these pictures using Photoshop or ask them to put together a puzzle made of a cropped picture.

Helps develop interpersonal intelligence – Instagram helps young people better understand motivations, desires, goals and intentions of other people. Besides, teachers can engage students in group activities using Instagram to help their students exercise interpersonal intelligence.

Contributes to the development of intrapersonal intelligence – Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to understand oneself, including feelings, motivations and fears. This can be reached by encouraging students to work independently and reflect on the pictures in Instagram using imagination.

As you can see, Instagram is not only the way to have fun. One can use it for many other purposes including education and personal development. The ways of using this social media depend on your creativity. We suggested several creative ways to use Instagram, but you’re not limited to only the ways we listed. You can examine other accounts and invent your own ways of using Instagram. Use images and posts of celebrities to find inspiration. Your inner adviser will provide you with fresh ideas when exploring the most popular posts and images. We wish you good luck and inspiration in your endeavour!

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