WhatsApp Business Finally Arrives For iPhones

WhatsApp had introduced the WhatsApp Business App for Android users last year which is solely for the purpose of business related communication. The company has now launched the same App for iOS, making it globally available for all iPhone and iPad users. Users can get hold of a lot of additional features that they won’t find in the original WhatsApp App.

Similar to Android, WhatsApp Business App is completely free to download on iOS. People who own small business can use this service to engage with a wider number of users who use smartphones on a regular basis for communication. Techcrunch explained:

That means it includes the ability for businesses to create profiles that include their description, email, address and website, as well as messaging tools for customer communication like automated greetings, quick replies and away messages.

Businesses also can use WhatsApp Business from their desktop computer, which in January rolled out tools to organize and filter chats as well as quick replies. At the time, WhatsApp said it had 5 million business customers.

Although the company is offering the Business App for free on the App Store, it charges the business owners who deal with a high volume of messages on a daily basis. So generating revenue also remains a larger part of the business for WhatsApp apart from serving upcoming businesses with seamless communication. The App is currently available in the countries of Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S. on both Play Store and App Store.

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