Viber Introduces Local Number Facility For US, UK And Canada

Viber users around the world can now avail a new feature added by this messaging company today. If you want to call and text with someone who is not in your region, you can purchase the local number of that specific region and make direct calls and SMS. The feature is currently only available for US, UK and Canada and users can make use of this service for as low as $5.

For Viber users, this is really easy to get their hands on a local number and start making calls and messages to their friends and family. It is also a cheap option for people who have their dear ones staying far in other countries. This messaging service already has around 1 billion registered users and is counting on this new feature to generate more revenue in the long run. The first 10,000 users can get this feature for just $1.99 while the rest of them will be have to pay the actual monthly price of $4.99.

Viber CEO, Djamel Agaoua said:

The new Viber Local Number enriches our users in a way that makes Viber the most powerful communication app out there. We are excited to offer people new ways to be closer and more relevant to what matters and is important to them. From expats who need a local phone number that connects them back home, to global business owners who want overseas clients to feel they are located nearby, this new feature gives them a local presence no matter where they are

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