Top 5 Money Making Apps For Android

What if you could make some passive income without having to step outside your house? You can absolutely do that with the help of a few money making Apps on the Play Store. While you cannot make a living out of these money making Apps for Android, you can still earn some cash without putting much efforts from the comfort of your home. Here’s the list:


eBay is one of the most popular places online to buy and sell items. When it comes to selling, the users sell all kinds of items like clothes, furniture, toys, books, electronics and other items from a wide range of categories. You may have some stuff lying around at home which you can actually post it on eBay and receive offers from people who are interested.

You can download this App from Google Play Store.

Amazon Seller

You already know about how good Amazon is in the e-commerce space. They handle product delivery and shipments very efficiently and the Amazon Seller service is also great. You can simply make an account for free on Seller and start selling items instantly. They only charge a small fee for every item that you sell, which is fine considering you don’t sell items all day.

You can download this App from Google Play Store.


Etsy is solely created for the purpose of selling. If you are a seller and looking to give away some items and make some cash on the sides, this App would be a good start. The App also gives you the convenience of automated replies based on your previous interaction with the customers. You can also keep a track of your orders and get notified on every purchase without any stress.

You can download this App from Google Play Store.


You may go for shopping once a week but you always end up being unhappy on not getting any good offers or discounts. Ibotta is a great solution for this as it gives you cash backs on every purchase that you make. Yes, you heard that right. They have tie-ups with many big brands whether it is for groceries, clothes, travelling, food, making it really flexible to make money.

You can download this App from Google Play Store.

Surveys On The Go

This App basically offers you money for filling out surveys. These surveys are put forward by companies who need feedback for their services and products. They range on a variety of categories such as entertainment, business, finance , sports, food and more. The payout happens after you reach a number of surveys and you can withdraw the amount in cash.

You can download this App from Google Play Store.

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