Spotify Is Testing Three New Features On Android

Spotify is no doubt an incredible music streaming service for the young and old around the world. After the launch in India recently, the company is looking to build a better experience for its users with features that are practical in daily life. Today, the company has added three new features for its Android users – sleep timer, auto-connect and support for Google Maps.

How often does it happen that you fall asleep listening to music without even knowing about it and it ends up draining your battery? Well, the “Sleep Timer” feature will definitely help you avoid it as you can set your own time intervals like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour to turn of Spotify automatically. We have seen a similar feature on other Apps, but it is really handy for a music streaming App.

The next feature Spotify is adding is the “Auto-Connect” feature. This will help you access the playlists of your friends and share songs instantly by scanning a code. So, once you or your friend scans the code, you can immediately start sharing songs between the two of you and explore new tracks everyday.

Spotify is also bringing a new integration into Google Maps where users will be able to directly control Spotify playlists without having to switch Apps. This is really intuitive if you consider the safety of users while driving cars, who don’t have to face the hassle of checking Spotify notifications separately. Apart from this, Spotify already has the support for Waze which also helps the drivers while navigating.

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