Spotify Hits 100 Million Paid Subscribers

Spotify has reached a major milestone today, with over 100 million users using the App’s Premium membership. The sources claim that the company has been able to get around two million more users signups after the music streaming app’s launch in India. This is great news for Spotify as we could see the numbers rising even further in the coming months.

Spotify now has a total of 217 million worldwide users including both the free trail and paid subscription models where the reported increase for paid tier is around 32 percent compared to the last year. This itself shows how much people are willing to integrate Spotify into their daily lives whether they are listening to music to relax or while commuting to and from work.

Music streaming on a whole is captivating the minds of regular listeners where they get to stream unlimited music spread across different categories for a very reasonable monthly cost. Not only this, they also get all the latest songs and albums right in the App without having to search for them on the web or anywhere else.

Even the most popular music streaming platform like Apple Music has only 50 million paid subscribers compared to Spotify. But in the United States, Apple Music still leads Spotify with a lead of 2 million users. We can surely expect this gap to close up soon if Spotify keeps expanding at this current rate. Apart from this, Spotify also has plans to come with its own smart speaker which will undoubtedly attract more users to use this service.

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