Snapchat’s Updated Android App Is Now Faster

Snapchat has completely rebuilt the Android App and has released an updated version on the Play Store today. The company has been working on this redesigned version of App since a long time now and they really want to deliver a powerful product to the users. The new App promises to be less buggy and offers smooth browsing across all sections of the App.

If you are still using the older version, you can head over to the Play Store and install the latest version to get your hands on this update. The company said that they have been putting a lot of work so that the App can work flawlessly across various devices and they achieved this in a way that the users won’t actually notice that the App has been completely changed from scratch.

Snapchat’s engineer Jerry Hunter said:

We found, toward the end of nine months, [that it] was sort of asymptotically getting harder to create more improvement and it was still not good enough. That was really a consequence of a code base that had just been built, I’ll say naively, based on the need to get features out quickly.

Gustavo [Moura] and a small band of like-minded thinkers had quietly been in the corner building a framework that would serve as a foundation for a rewrite. Android devices don’t all behave the exact same way, right? It’s very easy for us to build an Android app that will work well on flagship devices like the Pixel 3. It’s more challenging when you have to capture the whole ecosystem, especially when the camera works very differently from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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