Snapchat Will Allow Bitmoji In Games Soon

Snapchat is planning to include Bitmoji characters of users inside games with the new Bitmoji for Games SDK. If you already have your Bitmoji character on Snap, then you will be able to use the same characters inside any game that you play on your mobile, laptop and gaming consoles.

At the moment, the iOS and Android App developers can make use of this SDK to build games that will offer users with their favorite Bitmoji avatars. The support for PC, laptops and consoles will come eventually once the Bitmoji succeeds in mobile games as confirmed by the company. The users will be able to link Bitmoji with any game using the Snapchat App, where they will have to scan an in-game code to complete the linking.

Techcrunch reported:

Surprisingly, most game devs just build their own avatar customization feature from scratch, but they’re typically focused on clothes and crazy hairstyles rather than fine-tuning a face that looks like your own. And while customized avatars are common in shooter games, Bitmoji could bring them to platform, racing, dancing, puzzle, fighting and role-playing games too.

John Imah, Snap’s global head of gaming partnerships said:

I can imagine using my Bitmoji in titles from Star Wars, Lego, Mario Kart or Warcraft. There will be some modification on our end to make sure this works within their engine so we can make this process as seamless as possible for these developers. It’s really early days for Bitmoji for Games. It’s something we’ll explore later down the road”

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