Skype Adds Screen Share Feature On iOS And Android

Microsoft has added a new Screen Share feature on Skype, where users can share their phone screens live with the members on this video calling App. The feature is currently available in the beta versions of the App for both iOS and Android. It will be useful for people to share any important slides or presentations with their office colleagues or while explaining something to a family member.

The company announced this on a Skype community blog:

Your device is no longer a limitation on getting more done with Skype. With the latest Insider build, you can now share your screen on your Android or iOS device during a call. Simply tap on … and select Share Screen to get started.

Want to show your coworkers a PowerPoint presentation? Or share your swipes on dating apps? Or maybe do some online shopping with your bestie? Starting today, Skype has you covered.

The Verge reported:

You’ll need to be a Skype Insider (beta tester) to get access to the mobile screen sharing feature, and you can sign up for beta access here. We tested the latest iOS beta, but weren’t able to get screen sharing working. Microsoft does make it clear this is coming to both Android and iOS in its community post announcing the feature, and even shows screenshots of it running on iOS. It’s likely that the company simply hasn’t enabled it on the iOS beta just yet.

Microsoft has not made it clear on when the feature will available for the users on the official version of the Apps.

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