Simultaneous App Downloads Is Coming To Google Play Store

New reports are claiming that Google is testing simultaneous App downloads on the Google Play Store. This new feature could potentially help the users download and update multiple Apps together without having to wait for each of these Apps to update one after the another. However, it feels as if this feature has come a bit late on Play Store where millions of Android users use the service to download Apps every single day.

Google is making big changes on its servers to implement this change so that users can make use of his new feature seamlessly without any issues. The company is expected to roll out this new feature on the Play Store in the coming weeks. Users will mostly benefit from this considering the time aspect, where the downloads and updates usually took longer duration for each App before while the other Apps in queue had to wait.

Gadgets360 reported:

The change is already visible for some users, who are able to download or update multiple apps simultaneously. Selecting ‘Update All’ or manually updating multiple apps now shows downloads take place simultaneously – a key change that has been a long time coming. We tried this ourselves but weren’t able to download or update multiple apps together, so it could be a while before the feature reaches everyone.

The report also suggest that Google has activated internal app sharing and implemented a new interface for Google Play Protect. It now shows which apps were recently scanned for harmful behaviour, a move that will help users download and use apps that are safe.

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