You Can Now Order From Walmart Via Google Assistant

Google has integrated Walmart into its Assistant and starting today, users can add items to the shopping lists and get the items delivered from this retail store conveniently. The best part about this features is that the Assistant will learn everything about you from you past purchases and then add items based on your choice of brands and preferences.

People who use Google Assistant on their phones or Google smart speakers to know any kind of information or plan stuff can now also order groceries by just using their voice. For example, you just need to say “Ok Google, Talk to Walmart” and then add any product to the shopping cart and the Assistant will take of the rest. It’s that simple.

Google has released an ad for the same which shows how this feature works in a nutshell and makes day-to-day life very easy. A woman asks Assistant to add “orange juice” to the shopping cart, followed by “detergent” to the same cart. After you place the order, you can either have it delivered to your home or you can pick it up from the nearest Walmart location.

9to5google reported:

Walmart says that this new Google Assistant integration will learn from your past purchases and get better over time. For example, if a user likes a specific type of milk, the integration will look at past purchases to ensure it picks the right one. Instead of asking for “1 gallon of 1% Great Value organic milk,” the user can just ask for “milk.”

This new Walmart integration will be available anywhere the Google Assistant is. The retailer specifically mentions smartphones, even iOS devices, as well as the Google Home Hub and Assistant speakers. The Google Assistant action page also lists compatibility with Wear OS watches, Android TV, Assistant built-in headphones, Chromebooks, and tablets too.

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