Logitech Unveils A New Keyboard For iPad Pro

For all the iPad Pro users out there who are in search for sturdy keyboard, Logitech has just announced the Slim Folio Pro. The keyboard is the first entry from Logitech for iPad Pro users and serves as an alternative to Apple’s very own Smart Keyboard Folio that was launched along with the tablet.

The Logitech keyboard comes with a set of keys for iOS shortcuts on the top and has a built-in strap that keeps the Apple Pencil safe while it is charging magnetically from the iPad Pro. The keyboard will connect with the iPad Pro via bluetooth and not through Smart Connector as you would imagine and Logitech claims that the battery will last for around 3 months if the keyboard is used roughly for a few hours each day.

Once you slide the iPad Pro into the typing mode, the keyboard will turn on automatically and the lights on the keys will lit up. This is really good considering that you need to access the keyboard quickly without having to wait longer. The iOS shortcut keys on the keyboard can be used to control volume, media playback, brightness and a few others.

Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech said:

Many of us work away from a traditional desk these days, so whether your office is at the kitchen table, a couch, a neighborhood cafe or an airport lounge you need a complete and easy typing solution. The new Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO brings even more versatility to iPad Pro, with a high performance backlit keyboard layout that lets you work at your highest level. With one click it makes your iPad Pro more like a laptop for easy typing whenever and wherever you need it.

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