iTunes On Mac Is Likely To Be Separated Into Different Apps

Apple is planning to break down iTunes for Mac into standalone Apps for Music, TV and Podcasts. This could be included in the next version of the Mac OS if reports are to be believed. The company had recently released the Apple TV App and News App for Mac at the “It’s show time” event held in the end of March.

These new changes are said to be part of the “Marzipan” Apps, where the developers at Apple are working on Apps that are similar in design and coding to the iOS applications on iPhones and iPads. Speaking about the separate Apps, the Podcast App will include all podcasts on offer, the Music App will have all the content from Apple Music and the TV app will include the Apple TV+ video content that is coming soon.

Apart from this, the already existing Books App could also be redesigned based on Marzipan. 9to5Mac spoke in detail about this:

The new Books app will have a sidebar similar to the News app on the Mac, it will also feature a narrower title bar with different tabs for the Library, Book Store, and Audiobook Store. On the library tab, the sidebar will list the user’s Books, Audiobooks, PDFs and other collections, including custom ones.

Steve Troughton-Smith, an App developer said:

I am now fairly confident based on evidence I don’t wish to make public at this point that Apple is planning new (likely UIKit) Music, Podcasts, perhaps even Books, apps for macOS, to join the new TV app. I expect the four to be the next wave of Marzipan apps. Grain of salt, etc

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