Google Play Store Adds “Budgeting” Feature

Are you someone who cannot keep a track of your expenses on the Play Store? You no longer have to worry as Google has included anew feature that will help you keep your spending under limits. You just have to turn this feature on from the settings of the Play Store App and it will warn you whenever you reach the budget limit that you prefer not to cross by the end of the week or month..

Users with an Android phone just need to head over to the Google Play Store App and set the budget limit which they can have as a reference before spending casually on games or other Apps. So, if you tend to come nearby to the limit, the Play Store will immediately warn you about it and help you not exceed the set budget.

The feature is mainly aimed to curb the in-app purchases on games done by small kids and children who really aren’t aware of what they are doing. And it will be of great use to the parents to set the money limit and take no chance with their kids the next time they play games on an Android device.

Venturebeat reported:

Launching the Play Store, tapping on the menu icon, and selecting Account and Purchase History should do the trick. From there, look for “Set budget” and enter a dollar amount before tapping Save. The next time you purchase an app, movie, book, song, or any other item with your account, you’ll see a message letting you know if you’re getting close to (or are over) your budget.

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