Google Duplex Is Now Available On iOS

Google Duplex was recently found to be available in 43 states of the US, with the company trying to cover the service in more regions across the country. Also, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 users are now able to use this service for booking seats in a restaurant at the moment. The company has extended Duplex today to iOS devices like iPhones and also for select Android phones.

Duplex is completely powered by AI and Google makes use of advanced technology to build the framework for this to work. In the future, Duplex is expected to be used by millions of people who don’t want to call up anywhere for appointments/reservations and rather let Duplex do all the work for them. We have seen a few clips which shows Duplex functions and some of it really seems breathtaking to be even considered real.

iOS users who have already have the Google Assistant App installed in their device can gradually start making use of Duplex. Apart from this, the service is being rolled out to a select number of Android users who either use Android v5 and above or use the Samsung Galaxy S10+ phones. This has been confirmed by a source who spotted the feature running on these devices.

Techcrunch reported:

As the technology went from concept to launch, Google added a message at the start of the call that says the call is from Google, and explains why the call is being placed. It also allows businesses to opt out from receiving these automated calls.

However, if the technology is adopted by mainstream consumers, it’s unclear that opting out will be a viable option for those business owners who can’t afford to turn away interested customers.

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