Google Duo Adds Data Saving Feature For Android

Google Duo users who are constantly worried about their data being used by a huge margin can now breathe easy. The company has added a new “data saving” feature in Duo which can be turned on in a single tap and you can get the benefits of limited data usage for all of your video and voice calls instantly.

Beneath the Data Saving switch, the description for this reads as:

Changes the video quality to limit data usage on mobile networks & WiFi. People you call also save data.

Once you turn on this switch, another message is displayed which says:

Duo automatically limits data usage on mobile networks. Save even more on mobile and Wi-Fi with Data Saving Mode. This new feature replaces the ‘Limit mobile data usage’ setting.

You can also see the demonstration of how the feature works in a video preview, where the image appears to be of low quality in the “ON” mode and very clear in the “OFF” mode (the default mode). If you cannot find the Data Saving feature, you need to head over to the settings of Duo, where you can try it.

The main goal of Google here is to help people who are usually making video calls on the mobile networks and depend less on WiFi. Whereas, for people using it only on WiFi can always enjoy a great video calling experience without compromising on the video quality.

The feature is currently available only on Android devices and the support for iOS has not been released yet.

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