Gmail Includes Email Scheduling And Smart Compose Features On 15th Birthday

Gmail has turned 15 today and it continues to be a major force in how people communicate and connect around the world. On this occasion, the company has added two new features for its users. One is the Smart Compose feature that will help you compose the emails if you are stuck and the other is the Email Scheduling feature that is very useful if you don’t want to send the mails immediately.

Techcrunch spoke about these new features in detail:

Smart Compose, which tries to autocomplete your emails as you type them, will now be able to adapt to the way you write the greetings in your emails. If you prefer “Hey” over “Hi,” then Smart Compose will learn that. If you often fret over which subject to use for your emails, then there’s some relief here for you, too, because Smart Compose can now suggest a subject line based on the content of your email.

The feature that will likely get the most attention today is email scheduling. The idea here is as simple as the execution. The “Send” button now includes a drop-down menu that lets you schedule an email to be sent at a later time. Until now, you needed third-party services to do this, but now it’s directly integrated into Gmail.

The Smart Compose is also rolling out in new languages – Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Google says that it is already available on every Android device including Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 and the support for iOS will be coming soon.

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