Apple Drops The Price Of iPhone XR In India

Apple is facing the heat for average sales of iPhones in the smartphone market in India and the company is reducing the price of iPhone XR upto 22 percent effective from this Friday. According to reports, the sales of iPhones is currently in the third position in the country because of which Apple has taken this drastic step which you would not normally see from this premium brand.

Apple was earlier offering promotional cashbacks, offers and discounts for the Indian consumers but it seems that it has not worked in the favour of the company. The move to bring the reduced pricing does not assure that the sales will increase but it will bring in some momentum for the company to cover up the losses.

The iPhone XR (64 GB) earlier sold for Rs 76,900 and from tomorrow, it will be sold for Rs 59,900 which is a huge margin for the Indian market. Similarly for the 128 GB models, the prices have reduced to Rs 64,900 from Rs 81,900 and the 256 GB model will be sold for Rs 74,900 instead of Rs 91,900.

A spokesperson close to Apple said about this immediate price cut:

Apple runs promotional schemes for consumers, but has rarely undertaken such promotional pricing. It is unlikely it can go back to the earlier MRP regime for iPhone XR in India now, since it will then be difficult to attract consumers after this drop

The company is also offering and additional cash back of 10 percent for HDFC users, which will reduce the prices of iPhone XR even further.

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