App Store Now Asks Users To Confirm Their Subscription

A new security feature has been added today on the App Store – “Confirm Subscription”. As the name suggests, it will ask you one final time after you hit the button to subscribe any App on the App Store. The company has introduced this feature to help people who may accidentally subscribe to a specific App without intending to do it, loose money and end up being frustrated.

The next time to you subscribe to any App on the App Store, you will come across this pop-up option for “Confirm Subscription” after you authenticate yourself with Touch ID or Face ID. The description of the “Confirm Subscription” option reads as follows:

The subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends.

The feature was first noticed by David Barnard, an App developer and he shared about it on his Twitter account:

Whoa! Apple added an additional confirmation step for subscriptions. This new alert comes after you confirm with Touch ID/Face ID. I hope they address this in a more elegant way in iOS 13, but I’m thrilled Apple took a definitive step to curb scam subscriptions. 👏🏻 @pschiller

9to5Mac reported on the issue that users faced with App Store subscriptions earlier:

Accidental subscription signups have been a major problem, especially for users with Touch ID iPhones. Essentially, users would see a subscription popup and immediately press the Home button to try and exit the app. When they placed their finger on the Home button, Touch ID would instead authenticate – signing users up for a subscription.

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