5 Ways To Speed Up Your iPad

iPads do get slow if you have been using them since a long time. If you want it to function like how it was when you first purchased it, you must definitely try to speed up your iPad. You won’t have to spend any money to speed up your iPad and it will only take a moment of your time to tweak some settings. You just have to follow these simple steps compiled by us to make your iPad run smoothly without any lags:

Get rid of Apps you don’t use

This method may sound very childish but it is the number one reason why iPads or iPhones get slow. You will surely have a number of Apps that you wouldn’t have used in the last few months. If it’s not that important for you anyways, you must remove/delete those Apps immediately from your iPad and notice the difference in speed right away. You can head over to Settings > General > iPad Storage if you are planning to delete a higher number of Apps simultaneously.

Reboot your iPad

A simple memory refresh can do wonders for your iPad. The easiest way to do this is by restarting your iPad. If you haven’t restarted your iPad in a while, it will help you immensely to boost the overall speed and performance of the device in a matter of seconds. The way you can do the restart is by pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the iPad and then swiping the Power Off slider on the iPad screen. Wait for a few seconds and then power it on by holding the same button.

Update to the newest iOS version

A software update should be the fastest and easiest way to speed up your iPad. Check for the iOS version that’s running on the iPad and then update it to the latest version from the App Store immediately. Although there is no guarantee that newer version of iOS will give you a speed boost, but it is surely worth the try considering they come with a lot of major improvements and bug fixes. You can check for the update under Settings > General > Software Update.

Turn off notifications and location services

iPad works really hard for you to bring you notification for each of your Apps running in the background. The notifications can be important ones for sure but there are also ones which you really don’t need the notifications such as from games or from food ordering Apps like Yelp. They only waste the memory space of your iPad and also annoy you at the same time. Similarly, switching off your location services like GPS will reduce the battery drain and improve the performance by a decent margin.

Clear cache from Safari browser

Everything that you search on the Safari browser on your iPad gets stored in the form of cache which is basically data stored in the memory for faster web results. This is the second most common thing that slows your iPad and you definitely want to clear the cache for your Apps as quickly as possible. To remove this cache from your Safari browser, head over to Settings > General > Clear History and Website Data.

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