Top 5 Video Player Apps For Android

When it comes to playing a video on your Android device, you definitely do not want any kind of disturbance while watching your favourite shows and movies. You will need a robust video player that plays the content in HD and gives you a seamless experience every time. Each video player is unique and offer a range of features for you to explore. Today, we have combined a list of the 5 best video player Apps for Android that you should definitely check out.

MX Player

One of the most powerful video players in the market as of today. The main reason behind its popularity are the simple and efficient gesture based controls. Once you use MX Player, you won’t feel like laying your hands on any other player. Apart from the usual playback, volume, brightness and video seeking controls, you can also manage the subtitles with gestures which is just fantastic.

You can download MX Player for free from Google Play Store.

VLC for Android

VLC is yet another popular media player App which is the default choice for many users around the world who watch videos on laptops and desktops. The company has improved the service vastly over these years and have just recently introduced an App for Android users. VLC supports every type of file format that you may or may not have heard of and also offers the option to stream videos on Chromecast.

You can download VLC for free from Google Play Store.


PlayerXtreme is very robust in terms of features and compatibility on Android devices. It supports over 40 file formats and also subtitles of various languages. What makes this player truly unique is that it supports hardware acceleration which eases the load on your device and plays videos smoothly. Apart from this, there are tons of other playback features that are very handy.

You can download PlayerXtreme for free on Google Play Store.


A good option for people who want to play videos stored in Google Drive and other cloud services. KMPlayer supports a wide range of file formats like mkv, avi, mp4, mov, webm and video codecs like hevc(h.265), vp9, h264, mpeg, aac, ac3, ogg. You can also listen to your mp3 files with subtitles. The best part is that you can watch any video in a pop-up window and use other Apps simultaneously.

You can download KMPlayer for free on Google Play Store.


BSPlayer is a versatile video player for every day user. The support for file formats and codecs is amazing and the player is very much open for customization such as applying different skins. Also you won’t have to worry about loading subtitles in this player, as it automatically searches for it online and loads it up instantly.

You can download BSPlayer for free on Google Play Store.

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