Top 5 iOS Games To Play When You Are Short On Time

For those of us who enjoy playing games on our iPhones and iPads from time to time, some of us may not have ample amount of time to play them regularly. Still, if you have a few minutes during your office break or while you are finishing on some important college projects, you can play these games that don’t require much of your valuable time. Here’s our list of the five best iOS games that will keep you glued to your iPhone/iPad for shorter durations:

Temple Run 2

This franchise has been the number one choice of mobile phone gamers for years. Temple Run was a massive hit, while Temple Run 2 followed on its footsteps and didn’t fail to amuse the fans. The game can be played instantly whenever you have the time and it comes under the endless runner category which means you can keep collecting coins and level up with every new life and there are plenty of cool characters and power-ups to unlock through the journey.

You can download this game from the App Store for free.

Subway Surfers

This is another most preferred endless runner game, where you have to make use of different skills to get past the obstacles and collect coins and a variety of power-ups. The game was a mega hit when it was launched and since then people have never shied away from playing it as and when they get the time. The characters in this game are really cute and the colourful visuals will surely keep you coming for more.

You can download this game from the App Store for free.

Crossy Road

Have you ever heard the saying “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. Well, this game is all about that chicken wanting to get as far ahead as possible on a busy road buzzing with all kinds of vehicles. Your aim here is to keep surviving until the chicken dies and try to beat the high scores. The gameplay is really cool and it keeps getting addictive with each play.

You can download this game from the App Store for free.

Jetpack Joyride

This game is very similar to Subway Surfers, but has a lot more excitement and thrill on offer for the hardcore gamers. Brought by the creators of Fruit Ninja, this game has different kinds of jetpacks that you need to collect from an underground lab while you ward off the trouble makers. The game is really fast-faced and you can play through all the interesting missions and test your skills along the way.

You can download this game from the App Store for free.

Alto’s Adventure

This game will give you a glimpse of an amazing soundscape and breathtaking graphics. You will be hooked to Alto’s Adventure from the very moment you pick it up. Flying though the different landscapes will give you a rush, while trying to face all the obstacles in between. Among all the endless runner games, you will have an amazing experience filled with plenty of surprises.

You can download this App from the App Store for $4.99

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