Spotify Will Soon Offer Personalised Playlists

Spotify is shaping up to be one of the leading Apps in the music streaming space, with millions of songs and playlists for all kinds of listeners. The company has announced today that it will be bringing a personalised playlist for its users who can explore new songs, artists and albums based on their listening history and interests.

Spotify launched their service in India a month back in February, and the service has been gaining pretty good response from the users so far. The company wants to take advantage of this situation and expand on the idea of a personalised playlist not only for India but for Spotify users all around the world.

These playlists will be based on algorithms developed by Spotify and it will recommend each users with a completely different playlist and none of them will be the same. This sounds really incredible and it will have a big impact on the users who are in a dilemma to choose between Spotify and other music streaming services like Apple Music,Amazon Prime music, YouTube Music.

In a blog post, Spotify said:

When a song is added to one of these playlists, it won’t necessarily appear on every listener’s personalized version of that playlist. That’s why, starting today, we’ll create unique links to these playlists for artists to share via Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics. Anyone who clicks a unique link shared by an artist will see a personalized version of the playlist with that artist’s track as the first song. (For editorial playlists that are not personalized, artists should continue to use public links as they do now.) When songs get added to one of these playlists, an email notification gets sent to artists and their teams, so they can share the good news with fans.

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